23 years of history 

A family business founded by Carlos Silvino Moreira Barbosa

In 2006, the inauguration of the new facilities, in Duas Igrejas, Paredes, allowed C.BARBOSA to expand its activities, and then dedicate itself to the production of all types of furniture. A team with 35 highly qualified professionals, an industrial unit with approximately 3500m² and

with all the high-tech productive equipment available for the furniture industry sector. All of this allows C. BARBOSA to have a high capacity to produce furniture of superior quality, which, combined with an internationalization strategy, translates into 99% of exports of all its production to various countries in Europe.

Carlos Barbosa



Carlos Barbosa


Of noble origins and integrated in the furniture business since the age of 13, the founder has untold experience that allows the company to be a reference in the market.

Carlos Barbosa


Operations and production manager
  EN, FR, ES

Carlos Barbosa


As one of the successors of the legacy, it is governed by the wise teachings and values ​​of commitment, discipline and transparency. Managing the entire process and internal manufacturing development, looking to the future, he takes control of the international customer portfolio.

Sérgio Barbosa


Operations manager

Sérgio Barbosa


Practical, Helpful and Productive, the second successor to the legacy appears, leading the wood preparation sector. Responsibility, perspicacity and decision-making skills are evidences that leave you in control of the quality control process before any expedition.

Cristina Barbosa


Logistics department

Cristina Barbosa


Honesty and trust are behind the secret of good management, and as such, Mother, Wife and Manager are distinguished by the excellence of their work, coordinating the shipping and finance departments.

Noble and humble principles




Consolidate the relationship with current customers and foster a close relationship with suppliers and employees in order to continue to ensure high production capacity and quality.



Provide a differentiated service, of high quality and in a timely manner in order to obtain total satisfaction from its customers, thus being able to look forward to the opening of new markets and to be an international reference in the production of furniture.



Based on the values ​​implemented by its founder, which are based on respect and honesty towards employees, suppliers and customers, with extreme care and respect for the environment, C. BARBOSA invests in the continuous improvement of all its processes.